Join the Coalition

Join the Coalition

The We Can campaign is implemented by a diverse coalition of organizations.
Each coalition member is the public face of We Can with their own constituency.  Individual coalition members develop and implement their own plans for mobilizing Change Makers within their respective target groups, guided by the strategic plan adopted by the coalition.

By becoming a member you are joining an extensive network of organizations which offers unique opportunities for partnership and cooperation. Working together allows us to maximize each other's capacity to advance change.

See the list of current members.

Membership Guidelines

The members of the We Can Coalition of BC are working together to promote:

  • Community understanding that violence against women is never acceptable
  • Commitment at the individual level to speaking out against and stopping violence against women
  • Educational campaigns collectively within their respective organizations, and with clients and constituents that they serve. 

Campaign Endorsers

  • Publicly support campaign activities and encourage individuals to become Change Makers
  • Allow their name to be part of common campaign activities
  • Offer financial, in-kind or other resources to support We Can Campaign, whenever possible

Campaign Partners

  • Undertake to organize an educational plan for their own organization, constituents and clients that they serve, and to share this plan with other coalition members
  • Promote attendance and support for common coalition initiatives
  • Set targets for member of their staff, constituents and clients that they will encourage to become Change Makers
  • Use common campaign logos and resources as part of their individual campaign activities
  • Will designate a member of their organization as the representative on the coalition who will serve as the link between member organisation and the coalition
  • Will participate in the development of time specific common campaign goals

Media Supporters

  • Promote We Can campaign and its activities
  • Encourage community organizations to join the campaign
  • Directly encourage individuals to become Change Makers and publicize their work

 Complete online application form to become a member of the We Can Coalition of BC