December 10, 2020 - Candlelight Vigil

Join us for the third annual We Can Candlelight Vigil on December 10th, the International Human Rights Day.


When: December 10th, Thursday

Date: 5-6 pm

Location: Burnaby Civic Square by Metrotown Library (6100 Willingdon Ave)


For more information contact us at [email protected] 

Click here to see event poster.

25 Nov, 2009 - 16 Days Launch

This year we are launching the 16 Days to End Gender Violence with a press conference highlighting the work of the 'We Can' campaign and its members.

When: November 25, Wednesday

Time: 10.30 am – 11.30 am

Where: Vancouver Public Library, 350 West Georgia, Vancouver


For more information and to RSVP contact [email protected]

"We Can" Workshop

Free workshop for all those who are interested in learning more about the issue of violence against women and what one can do about it.
Date: Thursday, October 1st
Time: 6:00PM-8:30PM (Snacks will be provided before the workshop; workshop to start at 6:30PM)
Location: Justice Education Society (800 Hornby St. Room 260)
Contact [email protected] for more information and to RSVP

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The We Can Campaign

Despite successful actions by women’s organizations over the past three decades, the scale and severity of discrimination and violence against women is rising – even in Canada and British Columbia. Violence against women is both a violation of human rights and an impediment to achieving gender equality. Yet, in many communities in BC, violence against women is accepted as ‘normal behavior’ and women are left to suffer in silence.

It is only by changing this perception of ‘normalcy’ that we can bring to light the seriousness of this kind of offence. This illumination will change beliefs surrounding violence against women and, in turn, behavior. In this way, we believe we can bring an end to all violence against women.

We Can BC is an alliance of BC-based organizations and individuals from diverse communities who are committed to a long-term and sustained process of changing customs and attitudes that perpetuate violence against women.

We seek to trigger a person-to-person chain reaction of change in attitudes and behavior on a scale sufficient to generate a mass social movement to end violence against women.

Campaign Objectives

  • To create a fundamental shift in social attitudes and beliefs that support violence against women
  • To take an individual and a collective visible stand on VAW within different sections of the community using interpersonal communication, media events and our website as tools to grow awareness of the campaign
  • To develop a popular movement to end all violence against women.

Campaign Strategies

  • The ‘We Can’ Campaign works with individual women, men, girls and boys at home, in the community, and at work to educate and inform about changing beliefs and attitudes and preventing violence before it starts
  • The ‘We Can’ Campaign works with the media to reach greater audiences and grow awareness of the campaign in all communities in BC
  • The ‘We Can’ Campaign works through allied organizations to mobilize large sectors of the community to take a stand against violence against women.

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