We Can campaign aims to:

  • Raise mass awareness on the issue of violence against women through a host of conventional and unconventional methods
  • Make violence against women a visible issue
  • Bring the issue of domestic violence from ‘private’ realms into the ‘public’ domain and debate
  • Consistently spread two messages: "Equal relations are violence free", "Violence against women is unacceptable"
  • Inspire Change Makers to challenge dominant stereotypes, abusive male behaviour patterns, gender hierarchies and inequalities, and to be the role models of alternative behaviours and values
  • Engage the community as a whole through mass mobilisation programmes to change norms and practices that discriminate and perpetuate violence against women
  • Encourage people to speak out, take a stand against violence against women and build momentum for the campaign
  • Empower girls and women to defend their rights
  • Gather support among various groups (students, teachers, civil society groups, homemakers, medical practitioners, police, media, judicial institutions, religious groups, celebrities and policy planners, among others)
  • Strengthen synergy and cooperation between institutions and organisations
  • Bring together diverse local, national, regional and international efforts working towards ending violence against women
  • Gain the attention and intervention of policy makers to ensure gender-just laws and policies