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Aboriginal women and girls in Canada are at higher risk of violence than other groups of women, and are more likely to experience higher incidence and severity of gender-based violence both from strangers and at home.

The legacy of colonialism and forced assimilation created a number of problems that disproportionally affect the Aboriginal population, such as substance abuse, addictions, suicide, crime and poverty. These problems both contribute to and exacerbate violence against women and girls.

Despite numerous challenges, Aboriginal communities are making progress in addressing those problems by reclaiming their traditional teachings, ways of life, identity and self-determination. Further advancement of this change requires a deep understanding of the root causes of violence, and the courage to break the vicious cycle.

Breaking the Cycle: Ending Violence Against Women in Aboriginal Communities

The Breaking the Cycle project was undertaken by the Justice Education Society of BC in support of the We Can BC Campaign. An adult workshop with a facilitation guide, as well as a lesson plan and teaching kit for students were created addressing the important issues in the area. In support, a three section DVD was created. Part I: Yesterday, speaks to the residential school system and its impact on Aboriginal communities, particularly in terms of intergenerational violence. Part II: Today, discusses the violence that takes place today in Aboriginal communities and how to move forward. Part III: Tomorrow, is a vignette that depicts youth dealing with the issue of violence and how they can break the cycle.


Part 1: Facilitators Guide
Part 2: Backgrounder
Part 3: Slides
Part 4: Handouts
Part 5: Participant Handbook

Teacher’s Kit

Part 1: Guide and Lesson Plan
Part 2: Backgrounder
Part 3: Slides, Handouts and Worksheets


Part 1: Yesterday
Part 2: Today
Part 3: Tomorrow

Extended Interviews
Marcel Gagnon
Jade Hoffman
Sophie Pierre
Sandra Staats
Jane Inyallie Part 1 ; Part 2
Krystel McKinnon Part 1 ; Part 2
Gloria George Part 1 ; Part 2
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