For Change Makers

Change Maker's Kit

This Kit is designed to assist all Change Makers in developing a critical understanding of issues relating to violence against women. Handbook contains exercises that will help you to identify, recognize and learn how to prevent practices of gender-based violence, and how to build your own strategy for outreach. Backgrounder provides comprehensive information on the topics related to violence against women.


Workshops are a great way to raise awareness and to your school, workplace or community in an international effort to end violence against women. The materials cover the issues relating to violence against women and gender inequality. They also include information on the ‘We Can’ campaign and what it takes to become a Change Maker.
There are two workshops available: for youth (high school and college/university level) and for adults.

Youth Workshop Kit

Adult Workshop Kit 

Additional Resources and Tools

Workshop Activity on Violence against Women and the Law


Men Talking to Men

Power and Control Wheel

50 Ways to Help End Violence Against Women

How to Plan Events